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My client is going through a period of "re-organizing," which translates roughly into "rampant and senseless cost-cutting," and has to date included:

  • No overnight stays when going out into the field. How the fuck am I supposed to get from Jacksonville to Shreveport in one day and have time to do anything more than hop right back on the plane when I get there?

  • No company picnic. Not especially distressing to me, but it is kind of a big fuck-you to their own workers.

  • Limited use of FedEx and UPS. This makes some sense, although getting questioned over every single thing you ship can get tiresome.

  • No more office birthday parties. This one actually makes me happy. Especially since I've had three birthdays since I started working here and haven't heard a single note of happy birthday to me.

  • Limiting overtime of hourly employees. Which means either, the already-overworked executives have to do their own administrative work, or shit doesn't get done. Guess which it's going to be.

  • Shutting off lights in every room as soon as you leave, no matter how soon you expect to come back. People will enforce this one for you, if you can't do it for yourself.

That last one extends all the way to bathroom usage. If you leave the bathroom, shut off all the lights. Makes sense, except that there are about 4 stalls in the bathroom. Are you supposed to listen for people's noises, or shout to make sure there's no one in there? Gross. Needless to say, this one has already caused more than one person to be stranded on the pot with no light to find their way out by. I can't think of much grosser than having to feel your way out of a shared bathroom.

But now, they've just gone too far.

OK, so I made that one up. But I can see where this is all headed.

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